Promo Video for app

Nation Dining club approached us for an app promo video for marketing their service and the app. They were interested to get a 2D animated video with characters. Our illustrators created characters of their choice and based on storyline created a storyboard. Our animation team animated characters and other elements to bring life to the graphics.

They posted this explainer video on their Facebook and other social media accounts with their website as well. They have experienced a huge increase in website engagement and new visitors through social channels.

Animation for app promo video:

It is very very difficult for app based service providers to standout from the jungle of apps. Users are confused about the use of app as they find it difficult to get the idea from the feature list. An animated video on the other hand developed on use case of an app and clearly explain a feature – about it’s requirement and importance. We transform an use case to a story and create characters based on the storyline and keeping audience of the app in mind. We describe the situation and animate the characters to respond to the situation using the app.

We get some screen shots and screen recording of the app and add them to the illustrated mobile screens to simulate the  working of the app in a particular situation and users response to it. Animation as a great way to touch emotional level of people can easily push them towards getting the app.

In some cases our clients need an app promo video even before the app is developed but only in conceptual phase. We design UI/UX based on client input for the video or sometimes create abstract UI just to explain the working. These videos are great to test an app in a particular market. Our client have created best apps from the insight they gathered from such market analysis.

Please check our portfolio for other app promo videos created by us

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