Best use of 2D animation for content marketing

Best use of 2D animation for content marketing

By now we all know that 2D animation is a great tool for marketing and part of  content marketing, still low on budget in comparison with 3D animation or other videos. There are plenty of reasons for using animation; we have discussed a few earlier. Today we will talk about 2D animation and it’s best uses in content marketing.

There are different types of 2D animation that are possible and within a single type again an animator can use different styles. It is sometimes difficult for the content marketing person or entrepreneur to decide which one style to opt for their marketing content.

It is equally important to understand and apply the best type and style of animation for your message. This is the first thing you should do after you finished your script or draft for the animated video. Failing to understand or decide on right type or style might leave you with frustration at the end. It is important that you check with your team and your animator before executing the job of  animation.

That is the reason you need an expert animator for your project, especially if you are a startup. He is an expert animator, who, along with technology and tools understands the business and the best style to communicate the message.

2D animation

These are most common types of 2D animation:

1. 2D character animation
2. Whiteboard animation
3. Infographic animation
4. Motion-graphic animation
5. Kinetic typography

Styles of animation:

The illustration style is the main differentiator within a particular type. An animated video may look very different when characters or icons are drawn differently. The way of animating characters may also be different- you may make a character’s movement funny or realistic depending on the message, audience and product factors. An animated video may look very different based on overall presentation technique as well.

Decide on animation types:

You have to consider your product /service, audience, purpose as a guide to your style. To start to make a clear draft of message considering all of these. Then discuss with your marketing and animation experts. Remember 2D animation is not good for a demo video unless mixed with some other types but the 2d animation is great for explaining an idea, process or product. 2D animation more effectively appeals to your audience on emotion level rather than approaching on practical aspects.

When your message is based on a story, have some characters to explain your product or service in a funny way- go for 2D character animation. When you need a process or steps to explain then opt for Infographic or whiteboard. For very generic business talks to be represented with a humorous touch, motion graphic animation is good. When you have a lot of important text to display kinetic typography is your tool.

These are all top-level ideas about best uses of 2D animation types. While these will help you to think about a right animation type or style, do not forget to consult your content marketing and animation expert before you commission your 2D animation project.

To know which 2D animation will fit best your content talk to our experts.