Does your Business need a Youtube Channel?

Does your Business need a Youtube Channel?

Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70 percent in 2015.” –Cisco.

So whoever is having a business on earth needs videos to be part of their business communication. From the data available from sources it is evident that youtube channels for businesses are increasing by 50% or more year-to-year.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders who are yet to have a youtube channel; Please note that there is no alternative to video presence for your business. Youtube accounting for 70% of video traffic is the biggest contender to represent your videos to your audience, although you have alternatives like Vimeo, Wistia, and others. You may go with one or many of them. Here are some compelling reasons to have at least one Youtube channel:

youtube channel for business

Complete the marketing circle:

Your youtube channel can do a lot in the area of marketing. You can use your channel to:

  • Attract new prospects and generate lead
  • Promote new product/service launched
  • Explain any complex product service features easily
  • Brand building and maintaining

Maintain your channel appearance as per your brand line. Make your website look reflect on your youtube channel to create an overall brand presence.

Expand your search presence:

Youtube being the second largest search engine after Google makes your content more searchable. Use of tag, description, playlists, keywords everything to add to rank your content higher. You may embed your youtube video with your website without using much of your website bandwidth. Hosting your videos on youtube and embedding them will allow your content to be searched on the website as well as the channel. You may use youtube’s wide range of analytics tools to understand how your video content is doing.

Expand your social presence:

Link your youtube channel with facebook, twitter, Pinterest and all other social media to expand the reach of your video content and it’s a chance to be shared with a larger audience.

Set up Youtube channel is easy:

It’s no rocket science. You can set up your channel with your Google ID. You can set up three types of channels: User, Branded, Custom Branded channels. It is advisable for a business to start with branded channels. Here is a guide from Youtube for branded channels.

Once you set up your business channel all you need to have is quality video content. Sourcing and creating video content is much easier now. You may ask an expert from Contenteams for great content for your business Youtube Channel.