How will you get your Business Video done?

How will you get your Business Video done?

There are numerous discussions in favor of having business video or corporate video– not as a marketing tool and not for better ranking only but for a lot of other valid reasons. You made up your mind to get your first business video done but you are not an expert in this field and it is very uncommon to have a media expert in-house. Then what will be next steps?

Let me lay out some basic steps for going ahead to make a business video:

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Look into your business, re read all marketing collaterals, discuss with your marketing expert and all team members- out of hundred things which message is most important and bit complicated as well to send across to your audience? Is it the way to use your product? Is it a process where your service adds a great value? Is it a concept that revolutionizes human habits? While you chose the subject you should be able to justify why that is a better subject for video than any other media. It is very important to choose right media for the content.


Once you are ready with the subject. Take the scratch pad and start writing a script for the video. Don’t Worry! You do not need to write a script for narration or display for your video. Just write down the messages you want to convey in a proper order and then draw (even if you are the worst drawer) some visual references with each message. Yes! This is actually the 1st version of storyboard that you have created for your video. This will be a valuable input to the video maker who can add his creativity to make it live and attractive.

You can do this exercise with your team as well. You will be surprised to see there are some new points came up that you or your marketing guy never thought of.

Getting it done:

So you are in the last and final step of finding a creative media agency to create your business video. You may look for local artists and if you find them costly look for offshore service providers. There is a good number of talents to create nice videos at a throwaway price but you have to be careful while dealing with them, as there are some bad people as well. Look into their portfolio for similar projects they have done. Ask all necessary questions to make sure they are able to create your video and finally break the job contract into parts (milestones) to minimize risk.

If you already liked a style for your video – animation, image/text or footage etc then discuss with the provider, validate their suggestions. Once you freeze the scope and commercial, hand over your storyboard and relax. Most of the agencies write a final script and create imageries before they start with video. If you want to add video footage, then you need a help of a videographer. Review the video created, revise it, if needed and then get the final version.

Your video for business is ready to win your audience!

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