Content Monetization

Content Monetization

Content monetization is most sought after topic among the content owners. Especially small and medium sized blog owners find it a problem monetizing their content. Content monetization is a strategic approach which you cannot start suddenly when your posts are already in place. Content Monetization

Start planning early. When you just thinking on a topic-search for keywords -those which do not only have a low competition but higher or moderate search volume and reasonable bid amount. A combination of all these can help you finalize your keywords and topic. You may experiment with some combination or long tails.

Depending on your blogs orientation you may think of affiliate, advertisements, Ad networks etc. If you are writing about some product, service or utility oriented posts you may think of affiliate marketing. Depending on your niche you may go for advertisers or try for Google Adsense or other AD networks.

Google Adsense is the best advertisement network paying decently. You will find a lot of adverse opinions but personally, I checked that it came from the people having poor quality content on their blog and that is why having a problem with Adsense. Adsense has good reporting and controlling interface now and you can do a lot of experimentation which in my experience may increase your Adsense revenue up to 100%. This Adsense documentation worth reading.

Quality is the key. Create quality content and maintain your on-page and offsite SEO -these will secure your blogs level. Once achieved it will start open different doors of monetization. Once established you may add an Advertise with us’ page depicting why an advertiser will pay you. You may add a ‘Hire me’ option and charge for the posts on your blog.

Experts can suggest the holistic strategy to answer ‘How to make money blogging?’ – right from topic of the blog, SEO oriented writing and AD revenue optimization. Experts can advice on maximizing adsense revenue to help you make more money from your content.

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