Do your corporate need a video?

Do your corporate need a video?

You have an established business. Your sales and marketing machinery works smooth and you do not see much of down trends in your sales or revenue. But you are aware of the trend that people are having corporate videos. Even your newly joined digital marketing manager is suggesting for making a corporate video. Should you go for it? Let us try to find some reasons.

Do you really know your audience?

If you have business in one country, you are confident that you know your audience well as you have the knowledge of their buying behavior, buying pattern, culture, likes …. as all these information your marketing team worked hard to gather. The same you have done when you expanded to other countries. Your marketing team created collaterals, web content, graphics and social media content accordingly.

Consider today’s scenario -with easily available internet, boundaries of your market is expanding and might be beyond your knowledge! Just think of a country where people do not speak the language of your marketing collaterals but looking for your product. They cannot read information from your website but if you have a product video, that can easily communicate and can convert them to your potential client. So a corporate video ensures that you are equipped to take care of all these missed opportunities.

Educate your client

You need to educate your prospects and clients about your product. This is necessary for all products/services and essential for complex technical product or services. An educated buyer knows the value of your product and ready to pay the price you charge. Education makes your market more matured to purchase and ensures faster conversion. Educated client means less investment in post sales service as well.

Videos are the best medium for educating people. You can tell them about features, best uses,  DOs, and DON’Ts. You may train them to install and trouble shoot for smaller issues. In case of service business where you do not deliver immediately, your prospect can understand what they are going to get after purchasing the service.

Trust factor

The biggest factor for your sales to happen. When people can see the products before ordering online, they will get converted faster and at a higher rate. When people can see what happens after buying a beautification or household service they trust it more. Client testimonial videos are great for increasing trust factor as they can see and listen what a user is saying about your product or service.

Add a Corporate video to your Profile

People are busy and consuming too much of information. Your website visitors hardly check the one page you have written under ‘About Us’ link on your website. When handed over a brochure, your profile section gets much less attention.

So create a short corporate video for your profile. Add all key differentiators there. Add the best of your products or services, one liner commitment to your client and some testimonials. Use some photos/footage of your manufacturing/service facility, team, and some client testimonials. Spice it up with some motion graphic and your corporate video is ready to go. You will find one corporate video is selling your company to your prospects, internal and external stake holders.

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