A custom video explainer is better?

A custom video explainer is better?

No, I am not asking you this question but I think you are asking it yourself at this moment if you planning to create an explainer video for your business. A lot of my clients could not even understand the idea of custom video explainer as they had a perception that videos are always customized only. But No… with the changing situation of everyone is looking for an explainer video for his or her business (mostly, sometimes for other purposes as well), there is a demand. Precisely there are demands for creating videos at a cheaper price and to meet this demand, template based videos are there in the market. You can find a lot of After Effects templates to make your explainer video which you can buy and your after effect expert will prepare it for you at a much lower price. Also, some online platforms claim that with their library, you can create an explainer video yourself. Although most of the time, an output of this effort (and expenditure for membership) ends up with a reference video for your creative agency, who ultimately create the video professionally.

So there is an idea of custom video explainer in contrast to template videos and creative agencies are there to create it for you. Needless to say, custom video explainers are expensive but let us understand what benefits are there if at all these are worth higher expenditure.

Custom Graphic:

Explainer videos (2D animated) are graphic based. So it is important that when you are creating an explainer video, tell your creative agency about its objective and target audience and get characters and other elements created accordingly. Let your creative agency study demographic and psychographic environments of your audience before they move into design. Even you may create a buyer persona by experts and transfer it to your character. If you are planning multiple videos, create a series with the same set of characters.

Custom Animation:

In template based videos scope of animation is very limited to whatever is inbuilt. Now, animation varies a lot depending on graphics. For an example, if the graphics are cartoonish, movements are exaggerated. If you are creating a serious business video then funny movements might end up with unexpected results. Guide your creative agency with a mood of characters so that they can create right expression and movement to display the proper action and send the proper message.

Brand Maintenance:

Use your set of color pallets, fonts, and designs in your video so that it creates the feeling of harmony with your other marketing collaterals. Don’t let your client forget your brand. Let your custom video explainer creating agency take the note of your seriousness about your brand maintenance.

Stand out:

Custom video explainer

If you are not creating a custom video, there is a chance that the same John is smiling in five explainer videos including yours. With increasing crowd of videos, the audience now has lesser time for videos too. So let your custom video explainer present a right kind of John to greet your audience in a proper way so that they stick to the video for a longer time.

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