Custom Whiteboard Animation

Why Contenteams for Whiteboard Videos?

  • Custom illustrations to convey your message properly
  • Any complex illustration and combination with text, images, footage
  • Drawing hand and line animation coordination to make it look like real hand in drawing action
  • Reasonable Price for the service


  • Custom Whiteboard Video -Gray : USD 150 for 1st minute then USD 60 for every added 30 seconds. (example video no. 1)
  • Custom Whiteboard Video -Color: USD 180 for 1st minute then USD 75 for every added 30 seconds (example video no. 2)
  • Whiteboard and footage Combination (example video no. 3)- Need to discuss and understand the scope of job


  • 1 set of revision after Illustration creation
  • 2 sets of revisions after completion 1st and 2nd draft respectively
  • Royalty free Background music

Add on Services:

  • US/UK/Australian English by VO artist – USD 35 per minute then USD 25 for every added 30 seconds.
  • Script writing – USD 35 for up to 300 words then USD 15 per 100 words


  • No changes/addition in illustrations will be accepted after 1st draft of video created and shared
  • No new scenes/elements will be introduced after 1st draft of video created and shared
  • If such changes required price for the said job will discuss under separate commercial terms
  • Voiceover is chargeable in full amount for every revision. So voiceover will be created and added at the final version only. Draft version will have software (TTS) voices for reference.

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