Presenter led explainer video for a Startup

Explainer  video is the need of today’s startups as this is the best tool for them to engage their audience in short time and  a considerably inexpensive way. This software development startup wanted to demonstrate  important features of  their software modules to create better awareness about their products and services among their target audience group. Their marketing team decided in favor of an online explainer video and contacted us.

How We started creating this explainer video

After learning about their product we suggested for a narrator led online video adding animation and screen images of their software product. We started with a script. We prepared a script for the online video in discussion with their marketing team,  incorporated important and unique features of the product that they wanted to communicate. We suggested the way the information should be arranged and presented.

Once the script was done and approved by the client, we created storyboard for this online video. Based on the storyboard -job is divided into shooting, graphic design and animation. We got our narrator ready and made him understand the context as we wanted the best of expression from the narrator. We completed shooting and sound recording and our graphic design and animation team created graphic and animation within in the same time.

Once we had everything in place we started assembling the whole thing in our post production unit. Video,  graphics and animation were placed as per the story board of the online video. Sound tracks were edited and refined. And we got the 1st version! Then started quality checking and modification – every word, phrase, technical issues and aesthetics -just everything. When we were satisfied shared the 1st version with the client and Voila! They liked it! With one minor modification asked for it was ready to go.

What’s next..

The client started sharing this online video with their prospects in meetings, conventions, exhibitions and of course on their website. This online video has worked wonder for them, engagement of their website visitor increased by 200% and their online lead generation increased by 100%. They made full use of this online video.

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