How a small business can use online video

How a small business can use online video

There are some compelling reasons for the small businesses to use online videos that we have already discussed. Here we will check how a small business can utilize online video advantages.


Part of Content:

There is no doubt about importance of videos as a part of content. If you have a hospitality business a walk through video of your property will attract more prospects. E-commerce can create a premium product display video shot from different angles and instead of multiple images using a video will be much more effective. Same is true for automobile or other heavy engineering products. Service industry may create a motion graphic to display steps of a standard service. Any organization can record their events and post those in the HR section of their website will definitely add employability among potential candidates. The list is endless-you have to think which videos go well with your business.


Trust is a big factor for businesses. Online businesses expend a lot to create trust factor on their e-store. Think of video testimonials. There is nothing more trustworthy than a human figure talking high about your product or service. Contact your happy clients. Request them to talk about your company or product in front of their webcam or smartphone and give this file to your video maker. Add the final video on your home or product page. Your best trust factor is created!

Demonstration Tool:

Create a narrator led video for demonstrating your product or service. These online videos are really gold! You can use them for training your new team members; your clients and even you can use them as a part of your marketing content to create a huge impact on your remote prospects. These videos are very important for service businesses, as you actually provide nothing to your client while they pay you upfront.

Introducing your organization:

A 10 to 15 seconds introduction video can add to your brand value. Use it while you speak in conferences or taking part in some exhibition. You can use it in your recruitment drives as well to attract resources –virtually everywhere an introduction is needed.

Squeeze Page:

Create a video with a team member saying ‘Hi, I am John from XYZ Web Solution; Please send me your name and email address and I will send you a free white paper on increasing web traffic by 3 times within a week’; just check the result.

Landing Page:

Create a landing page with a video instead of an image and text. You will get much better result from your campaign investment. Talk to your video maker for quality and speed issues. It is evident that a video landing page converts 50% to 90% more than a static landing page.

I have just tried to give some idea on how online videos could be utilized but suggest you to take some time to think of your business and I am sure you will find a lot of areas where an online video can work wonder for you.

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