Video Production

Video production services offered by us proved to be an integral part business communication for our clients. It’s not only branding, videos have unveiled the opportunity of convey your messages to your prospects, clients, partners and all other stakeholders in a much more effective way. Technology has enriched video producer to create videos with different tools and formats. Our video production services are easy on the budget of start-ups and small businesses. Create your brand, demonstrate a product or service, train your clients or staffs, create your client community and a lot more with online videos.

Here are some of Video Production Services we offer:

Corporate/Startup video making from footage/image:

We have access to shooting equipment, crews and actors to create a commercial, product demonstration, profile or testimonial video. We can shoot at your site for necessary footage and create a corporate video for you. If you are on a budget or located in different countries, you may send us footage captured by you or a local videographer. We will create great videos from those footage/images. We will guide you on shooting & sending footage. We created nice videos with some footage captured by our US & Australia based clients on their iPhone.

Check how we created a presenter led explainer video for a startup

Animated Video:

We have talented illustrators to create illustrations as per your script and animate them to make it live. We provide end to end services in animation making start from developing a script on your concept and complete it by adding a voice over of your desired accent. We offer 100% custom video creation for you.

We create 3D animated videos as well. We model and animate to create the video. We have created product modeling and animation, Character videos and promo videos. Check here for more on animation service offers

Training video:

We create training videos with or without a presenter. If you need presenter we can provide the US based on screen presenters to talk and explain your product with screen shots (in case of online products) and other elements. For a physical product, we can use a 3d model or footage of actual product mixing with motion graphic and voice to explain the use of it.

Promo Video

We have created commercials to run as Facebook or social media advertisements and for TV spots as well. We shoot, edit and produce videos. We work with a lot of flexible options to suit clients’ budget and interest.

Check our Portfolio for Video production Services.

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