Whiteboard Animation is good for startups?

Whiteboard Animation is good for startups?

Whiteboard animation is an emerging animation style where you see a hand in action on a whiteboard to create great animations. While a lot of startups are using it for any and every purpose, Whiteboard animations if used for conveying right kind of message can do wonder.

whiteboard animation for startup

Whiteboard animation creation:

Earlier whiteboard videos were created by filming a real person writing and drawing on a whiteboard. The process was time-consuming, costly and dependent on the expertise of the person writing on board. Now there are a lot of online and offline software available, most of them claim any person without graphics/animation knowledge can create a whiteboard animation. Although in reality most of these 1st-time users end up creating some weird thing paying a huge subscription to the software company. Software needs minimum skills and knowledge to create a basic level video and capability of this software are limited.

Best process of creating whiteboard animations is creating graphics by hand or in some graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. The graphics need be converted into a drawing process animation and last animated photograph of real hand can be synced with the drawing. Your service provider needs to be great with graphics creation in hand drawn style and animation techniques with photos. A combination of these two makes great whiteboard animated videos.

Before you decide for whiteboard animation think on your message, audience, preferred presentation style. Here are some ideas fit best with a whiteboard:

Describing Process:


whiteboard animation for process

Whiteboard animation can be used best for describing the process that is complicated, prolonged and divided in stages. A capable animator can draw stages with proper directions so that flow can be described for the viewer. A physiological or medical procedure, a complex business scenario or complicated use of products are the most suited example


When you are telling a story to convey your message whiteboard animation cloud be your best bet but while choosing between a 2D character animation and whiteboard look into your storyline. If your characters are more expressive then go for whiteboard but if your story is full of action, 2d or 3d animation will be the right choice.

Training tool:

Use a whiteboard to train your clients on the use of your product, explain and understand your service or train your employees. This is a great medium for engaging client for a longer time. A whiteboard video even up to 5 to 6-minute length can keep the client going with the subject as every time they can see some new material being constructed.

So before you jump into creating a whiteboard animation consider all these facts and that will help you create a really engaging video for your startup.

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