Why your small business needs online video

Why your small business needs online video

Online video for business?

I found a confused face a lot of times whenever I tried to initiate a discussion about online video especially with small business owners around the globe. Some of them think it is expensive and cumbersome, few are just shy facing a camera for their own business video; others are just confused about the reason they need to have online videos for their business.

online video for purchase decisionBefore start talking about videos I think it is important to understand the sea change in purchase pattern in recent years. If you are directly involved in Marketing or Sales function you are definitely facing it but sometimes without understanding the impact. The fact is your potential buyer or target audience is much more educated than ever before. If they are not educated already, they are going through a process of enhancing their knowledge about the product or service they are just thinking to buy. In B2B this trend is very much prominent and in B2C it is increasing. So as a business owner you need to include your business information into the education process of your client. Online videos are very much liked by the people when it comes to learning about some product or service. So create such a video that people cannot avoid while they are gathering information could be your best bet to position your product or service.

Small businesses cannot afford to stick to only long-term plans as they do not want wait long to establish their products or services. So they need something that can communicate their business information in a faster and effective way. It is proven for ages that images attract people better but videos are the best in this regard. Online videos are on the significant rise in the process of knowledge gathering process of the people planning to buy some product or service. So online videos can be a great tool for small businesses.

Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion:

These three words are key for business owners. Online videos are great in all three departments. If you have an online video on your website or a sales page it attracts more people to consume the content. It is proven that an online video increase avg. session duration of a website visitor. Sales pages with video always converted better than others. More acquisition, better engagement, and conversion rate ensure boost and stability of your business.


Online videos are something that can communicate in every mode. Keeping in mind that some people learn fast when they read the text while others while hear or see something, you may incorporate all three things in your online video. Online videos not only give you a chance to communicate the persona of your product or service but to convey some emotions as well, and that’s the winning point.

Trust Factor:

We know that people buy from somebody they trust. Online videos can work great in increasing trust factor. When they see a human is talking about the product or services and demonstrating some features that create a huge impact. Small e commerce owners can win a lot of customers as they really lose prospects on this point. Online videos can create a much better clarity about your product or service.

Event Opening:

Online videos are great event openers. I have experienced this on many occasions. Any marketing event or a sales meeting you may start your presentation with an online video as they are always handy and then just see how the meeting goes. You will find a completely attentive audience, as you always desire them to be in your every business meeting.


videos are much better for page ranking. Experts say that a good page rank for an online video is 50 times easier than a standard web page. These videos are easily shareable so it spreads faster and gets more audience for your business. Again shared content always have a better trust factor.


You do not need to break your bank to create an online video. Today video providers create videos with different tools that made it inexpensive. Don’t think of paying for shooting spot, Film camera, and editing labs. A lot of creative people are there who can create nice videos with motion graphic, animation and even videos that shot by your mobile phone camera.

So think of an online video –an inexpensive yet effective tool for your small business.

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