Write your own video script

Write your own video script

I always suggest my clients write a script on their own for their animated video project. This helps all stake holders of the client team to brainstorm and find a great message that they want to send across through the video and also tell the creative person like us what is in their mind in a much clearer way.
I believe every client is not very much expressive that they just can tell or write the right message while in a meeting with his creative expert. But this video script drafting exercise has always produced great results.

So where to start?

Before you start writing anything, make these points clear:

1. Purpose of the video
2. Placement of the video
3. Style of the video –Check different styles of animated video
4. Message you want to convey
5. Audience
Discuss with your team; write down all these points on top of your script. These points will be your best guide throughout the process of creating a video.

The content of your video script:

Follow the classic way to structure your script. Build your script around three main points:
1. What problem do you propose to solve?
2. How your product or service will solve the problem?
(In this part try to match your product features/ specialties with clients’ specific problems)
3. Why your buyer will choose your product or service over your competitors?

Call to Action:
Do not forget to add ‘Call to Action’ at the end or some appropriate place of the video. Without CTA your video is just waste of effort. Also, make sure that the CTA is sending viewers to a proper page.

The form of your video script:

The style you have chosen for your video will guide you here. If you are thinking of a pure infographic/motion graphic video, your script will be full of information and data.
But If you want to have a 2d animation or whiteboard, you may think of writing your script around a story.
Just name a client and describe what problems he/she was facing. Then tell how your product /service helped them to cope up with the problem. Add a reason that made them buy your product over others and that’s all!
A short, to the point script, is the key to a successful animated video.
video script

The format of your video script:

Best is to use a simple two column format like the example above. At the left column, write the description or words to be narrated. At the right column draw the visual that comes to your mind while writing the script. Write a sentence or two to describe visuals.

You do not need to be a writer or an artist to create this script but this will guide everyone associated with the project in a right direction.

To know more about writing an animated video script, talk to our experts!