Why Animated Marketing Videos should be a part of your strategy?

Why Animated Marketing Videos should be a part of your strategy?

If you are yet to add animated marketing videos in your winning strategy or still thinking, you are way behind. It is proven that a video can make your marketing successful but if you still need more facts & figures to convince yourself to get your first marketing video done, here are some of them:

  1. There are 136 MN unique Youtube viewers per month
  2. 36% of online buyers trust video Ads.
  3. 65% of people learn better through visuals
  4. 1/3 of our all internet activity are related to video
  5. This list is endless….

But Why ‘Animated Marketing Videos’?

Because animation or animated videos have some very clear advantages over other form of videos. Here are some important points:

Animated Videos can transform any message:

You might have a complicated message that you need to convey through your marketing collaterals. It is not an easy task especially for engineering or financial products or services. Animated marketing videos are the solution. In these videos you are not only representing your data or information through graphic, but you are also explaining how you are deriving the same through animation. This is the best possible way to explain any complicated information to a viewer in a much simpler way. You can cut your long sales cycle shorter with an animated video.

Animated videos are versatile:

There are a lot of options are available with today’s animator with advancement of technologies and tools. They can just design anything and everything right from conceptual product to factory processes. There are different styles of animation which you can choose based on the type of message you want to send across. 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphic Animation are relevant styles for creating your animated marketing video. Another advantage is you can include these videos in your pitch deck, presentations easily to make your communications attractive at all levels.

Animated marketing videos are fun to watch:

Comedy is the most popular form of content among online viewers (39%). A marketer finds it an opportunity to attract his audience. Animation adds that fun component to your business message while keeping it’s effectiveness. We all love to see a cute character is using the product or experiencing the service. This fun component is also important to engage your audience a longer time.

People remember animation:

Animation hits the emotional level of a person. While watching animated videos we touch our childhood memories. Experts say nostalgia is something which add positivity in a person and can be a very useful component in marketing.

Animated videos are cheaper:

You don’t need to break your bank to create a animated marketing video. This is comparatively cheaper as you do not need to pay actors and models or rent studio and equipment. All you need a script or story and a competent animator who understands business communication.

Finally, do not forget to add your call to action to your animated marketing video to convert your audience to your customer.

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